About me

I started my career with dogs with my bearded collie Shanty.
We won the Norwegian, European og Nordic championship in obedience and we got a 2nd place in the World championship. Shanty was the best obediencedog i Norway three times.

Then I moved to Sweden, where I focused on my own breeding, the border collie Bolibompa.

I competed with the Swedish national team og our best achievement was a 7th place in the Swedish national championship.

Unfortunately, Bolibompa died only 5 years old. And that’s when I said to myself: I’m never going to train obedience again. From now on I’m going to focus on herding.

And so I did!

I was on the Swedish national herdingteam for 4 years. I qualified to the World Trial in Scotland in 2014 with both Emma and her daughter Rebelle. Emma was also the Swedish herdingchampion in 2014.

I’m proud to have been on 3 different national teams, in 2 different countries, with 3 different dogs and in 2 different dog sports.

I was also the leader for the Swedish national obedience team for 2 years.

Today I have 2 border collies and 1 chihuahua. Strike is my up and coming obedience dog, with whom I have just startet competing in both obedience and herding.

I love my job! And even though I don’t compete as much as I used to, I’m so glad to be able to help others with their progress.

My philosophy is first and foremost to train all the exercises with positive methods. But we also need common sense and everyday obedience, and I will gladly help you with that.

I love to analyze and try to understand dogs, and to choose the right strategy for each individual. I have a system of rewards, to make dogs feel as safe and happy they can be, both in training and during competition.

In september 2020 I moved back to Norway, and settled in Eidsberg. I hope to get the opportunity to work in both Sweden and Norway in the future.

I can be hired for both private sessions and weekend courses, mostly to teach obedience. But I also hope I will be able to arrange som courses in herding as well.
Both clubs and training groups can book med. I will gladly travel.